Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Musical impressions

I am a big fan of music and im here to share with you my faveourate bands.

-all that remains
-arch enemy
-as i lay dying
-bonded by blood
-iron maiden
-judas priest
-killswitch engage
-scar symmetry
-shadows fall
-the absence
-the black dahlia murder

            sry for the big list =/
as you can tell I'm a metalhead so what about you guys,
share some of your bands here or check mine out.
   maby if theirs an awesome band i dont have on the list you can tell me so i can look them up XD
anyways guys this post is about music tell me about some of the music you guys like...


  1. do u watch metalocypse? if no u should

  2. yeah i watched every episode man that shit is hilaious XD

    just so you guys know i didnt post all my fave bands up here cause the list would of been like 3 times longer =p

  3. Hey maybe come out with just a band every few days like the band of the day or something. That would be cool. Make sure to check out my cod Video on my blog. Have a good one, P.S. metalocypse is great.

  4. I have a large variety of music I'm into. You should post vids of some your favorites here so that we can all listen!

  5. allright, sux im checkin my blog right before i sleep maby tomorrow XD

  6. nice collection of artists!
    following you now.

    my blog, feel free to give it a click :)