Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Musical impressions

I am a big fan of music and im here to share with you my faveourate bands.

-all that remains
-arch enemy
-as i lay dying
-bonded by blood
-iron maiden
-judas priest
-killswitch engage
-scar symmetry
-shadows fall
-the absence
-the black dahlia murder

            sry for the big list =/
as you can tell I'm a metalhead so what about you guys,
share some of your bands here or check mine out.
   maby if theirs an awesome band i dont have on the list you can tell me so i can look them up XD
anyways guys this post is about music tell me about some of the music you guys like...

allright i think im gettin the hang of this...

I've just started blogging for the first time in my life allthough it did confuse me at first.
share some stories of when you guys first started blogging?

whats on your mind?

hey guys i just wanted to know what all you guys are thinking about right now...
post it and get it off your chest.